The Final Event concluding the I_HeERO project was held on 15 May at the Representation of the State of Lower Saxony in Brussels, allowing participants to take stock of the project results and discuss the future of eCall.

After three years of activity the I_HeERO project has delivered the necessary upgrade for the handling of the 112 emergency call (eCall), now mandatory on all new cars and light trucks in the European Union. I_HeERO also deals with eCall innovations related to new vehicles types and future communication technologies.

The 11 Member States and 58 commercial partners of I_HeERO invited all interested parties to discuss technologies, address the eCall of the future, and provide recommendations to the European Commission on potential areas for improvement. 62 participants from various related fields joined the discussions and heard about the key results of the project.

The event also featured the short film “You are my hero”, created by the students of Neue Schule Wolfsburg to illustrate the benefits of eCall:

Du bist mein Held – Kurzfilm der Neuen Schule Wolfsburg zum Thema e-call from Wobstories on Vimeo.

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Presentations shown during the event can be downloaded below:

I_HeERO Final Event general presentation

Activity 1 presentation: Study for a reference upgrade of MS PSAP for eCall based on 112

Activity 2 presentation: eCall for Heavy Goods Vehicles and long distance Buses and Coaches

Activity 3 presentation: eCall Powered two wheeled vehicles

Activity 4 presentation: PSAP Data Integration

Activity 5 presentation: A Study concerning PSAP compatibility with NG112

eCall: Next Steps

I_HeERO Activity 3: eCall for Powered Two-Wheelers Crash Test

I_HeERO Activity 2: eCall for Powered Two-Wheelers Crash Test