On October 30 – 31, 2017, international I_HeERO – EUROPEAN TRUCK FOR ROAD SHOW ECALL HGV CONFERENCE took place in the Lower Vitkovice area of ​​Ostrava, that was organized by VITKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s., together with the European professional association ERTICO – ITS Europe, the Ministry of Transport, the Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic and the company TATRA TRUCK a.s. The conference agenda included a visit to the Test Polygon of the company TATRA TRUCK a.s. in Koprivnice, on October 31, 2017, and on November 1, 2017, in Prague Brevnov Monastery, this was followed by a presentation of the project at a SPPECHAIN ​​conference attended by 627 logistics entities from 11 countries of the world.

The conference was officially opened in Ostrava by Olga Sehnalova, MD, member of the European Parliament.

The Ostrava conference introduced the final results of the project I_HeERO co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), focusing on the further development of the eCall system for road freight vehicles, particularly those carrying dangerous goods according to the ADR Agreement. The conference was divided in 2 basic segments, within which the results of international partners were presented. The work on the eCall system does not end with the I_HeERO project. The conference raised a number of issues of the further development and upgrade of the eCall system, which will yet have to be resolved in the future. The Czech Consortium of Investigators that VITKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS is a member of under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, presented the proposed Czech concept of the solution.

With this system, we will not only be able to save lives, but also quickly inform the rescue teams on serious risks that can be identified earlier thanks to that solution, and thus appropriate actions can be timely taken to eliminate those risks.

Part of the conference was a live-narrated simulated traffic accident of two TATRA Phoenix President trucks and a three-chamber SCANIA LC SLOVAK Trans tank utilizing eCall for HGV and a Driver’s tablet for HGV.

The attendees visited: IBC – Integrated Safety Centre of the Moravian-Silesian Region, NDIC – National Traffic Information Centre of the Czech Republic, IT4Innovations, where a supercomputer Salomon of the State College of Mining and Metallurgy of the Technical University of Ostrava is located.

The conference was attended by 160 participants from the Czech Republic and abroad. The conference presented a total of 16 speeches.

Materials from the event in the form of presentations and photographs are available on the web site in the download section: http://www.vitkovice.cz/roadshow.

Attendance at the above excursions was followed by a move to Koprivnice to Polygon TATRA Trucks and a drive on a truck on the polygon. The conference in Ostrava was followed by a SPPECHAIN ​​Prague Conference attended by 627 logistics entities from 11 countries. That another major event in the Czech Republic was opened by showing a short coverage of the conference in Ostrava, the key performance of which was the presentation of Andy Rook, ERTICO.

Representative of the company VITKOVICE IT SOLUTIONS a.s., Mr Rostislav Hlosta, gave speech in a PANEL DISCUSSION: TRANSPORT OF GOODS UNDER CONTROL, moderated by:  Petr Klima, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

More information on SPEEDCHAIN conference: http://www.speedchain.eu/cz/

Additional information:

About the eCall 112 system:

The eCall system consists of three basic parts: an on-board unit in the vehicle, a mobile telecommunications network and an emergency call centres 112. After an accident, the system activates automatically, but also allows manual activation. In addition to the automatic data connection there is always a voice connection, too, between the vehicle and the centre for receiving emergency calls, so that any one of the vehicle screw was able to provide further details about the accident. For reception of eCall, two technology nodes will be adjusted in the initial stage of the services introduction in the Czech Republic. Calls will be handled by two regional 112 call centres- in Prague and in Ostrava.